James- Sophomore student from Lang Fang Teachers College

During the English Week, you have given us so much that we will spend all of our lives thinking about them. We will never forget the place where we met, it is where love and friendship began. You taught us leadership principals, made us confident and full of passion. We will never forget the scene when you got on the bus and started to leave. We cried, but without regret because love and friendship will stay forever.

Grace Wang – Associate Dean of Foreign Languages, Hebei University

Thanks to your outstanding organization, our students and teachers had the opportunity to appreciate the brand-new way of making English learning so enjoyable as well as instructive, which is really unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The more important thing is the English Week offered a good chance for both of us to increase mutual understanding and build close friendships, and the following English Weeks, I’m sure will further strengthen our friendship. I sincerely hope, through our joint efforts, more American people can come to know Chinese splendid culture and friendliness toward Americans. May our friendship last forever....Thank you for your great endeavor in making our English Week so successful, which motivated student’s English learning as well as richened their campus life. You and your fellow teachers are our Chinese people’s true friends who are dedicated to narrow the gap between American and Chinese cultures. You see, our country is always open to the people like you and your colleagues.

Lang Fang College’s Student Newspaper

Education instructs the mind, friendship teaches the heart” is the slogan of the International English and Cultural Studies (IECS) who have done so much for us during the May English Week. During the English Week we have learned a lot from our American friends about their culture and way of life. They bring us good friends, offer us excellent teachers, help us a lot and give us colorful information, leave us enduring memories….After the May English Week, just like our American friends, we will also do our best to show our love to others who are in need of our help. We’ll tell everyone who knows us everything about the May English Week!